On-site all-day, every day. 100% focus & commitment during your most costly & permanent design phase... Construction.
If there were a better way to protect the client... I would use it!!!

An ideal golf architect... should also have what might be
termed an artistic temperament and vivid imagination.

Dr. Alister Mackenzie

My Grandfather, a professional artist, excelled at seascapes and landscapes.
Spending time in his studio fueled my love of art at the ripe age of six or seven.
Developing this interest and skill from a young age was a true blessing. It
greatly helps provide clarity to builders, developers, committee and club

I use multiple methods of communicating artistically: Freehand Illustrations,
SketchOvers, and Hand Drawn Digital Illustrations.
P.A.D.™ (Pencil Aided Design) is the use of illustration to explore concepts and clarify them to builders. They can see the vision locked between my ears. Even if I am the one sitting on the bulldozer building my own ideas, drawing concepts helps explore harmony, beauty and individuality.

SketchOvers™ is the process of sketching ideas over a washed-out photograph. This is a quick, easy way to illustrate concepts for a new build, renovation or restoration.

Digital Illustrations (CAD) illustrations tend to be lifeless and sterile. I prefer to generate photo-real digital illustrations by hand. These are especially useful on renovation and restoration projects.

Par-3, 135m

A golf course built atop of sand, designed with stereotypical, labor- intensive bunkers. Every several weeks a crew of three men hard-edge the bunkers so they look acceptable.

The new concept with rugged, natural bunkers eliminates “hard edging” and greatly reduces maintenance.

The hard packed open sand area does not require raking, and would be seeded lightly with fescue grasses. After some years, the native heather will invade the darker brown sandy areas. The bunkers would evolve, becoming smaller and framed by heather.

The young trees were planted too close to the line of play and would create leaf and playability problems in the future. They would also block more beautiful trees in the background. The small trees will be transplanted to another area.

A Tree Planting Crime

The clearly artificial ditch lined with white rocks, and the small bird bath pond detracts from nature, the natural beauty and grand scale of the property.

Notice how the mature forests to the left and right become dominant and make the landscape look timeless and mature after the line of trees have been removed? The hole now looks as if it is 70-years old!

Bunkers between the fairways provide color contrast, definition and add strategy to the hole. A much easier hole to maintain!

The removed trees are young enough to be transplanted to create a young forest far to the left along the road to block out the development.