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Only 70 or so Dr. von Limburger golf courses were
constructed.  Most have lost their design integrity
since his death in 1981 due to the forces of nature
and hand of man.

If Dr. von Limburger’s golf courses were structures,
many, but not all would be placed under historic
preservation… Denkmalschutz. Instead, with every
passing year, we see his courses altered and some
eliminated. It is tragic.

Because there has been much misinformation
about his work, the goal of Project von Limburger
is to inform clubs, their memberships, committees and the golfing
public about Dr. Bernhard von Limburger's historic work, in an effort to:

1. Eradicate destructive myths about his design philosophy, and replace these with truths, so clubs understand what they have, why it is special, and if they choose, can honestly present his work.

2. Let clubs know a genuine restoration is far more valuable and much cheaper than remodeling or redesign. Much of restoring Dr. von Limburger's courses is maintenance oriented.

3. Reveal the importance of maintenance in restoring his designs. Not the quality of turf per se, but optimizing his strategic designs by returning to his original maintenance guidelines.

4. Restore his golf courses to his original design intent and glory.

5. Have him better known nationally and internationally as one of the finest post war architects, and an earnest practitioner of Golden Age Principles.

6. Expose the public to the all but forgotten or ignored principles he adopted from the great architects before him, and how developers and clubs can use these principles as a model for today’s golf course development.

Unfortunately, so little is understood about Dr. von Limburger’s design philosophy that publications like Golf Magazin and Wikipedia promote myths about his work which are 100% false and destructive! This is then picked up and spread through club websites.

Who am I to speak about his work? I am the only architect in the world who has studied close to 1,000 of his plans; from base maps, initial routings, alterations to plans, Master Plans, and green-site plans over a period of years.  

If others understood the genius behind Dr. von Limburger’s designs, they wouldn’t have allowed his courses to be modified in the manner that has occurred. In many instances clubs would have deemed it sacrilegious to destroy their most valuable asset and an important part of German golf history.

If only these club committees had know, if only there been one voice among the crowd explaining the cleverness behind his design ideals, how best to manage them optimally, cost effectively and the tremendous value that results from protecting these designs. For some, it is too late.

When work is considered necessary, I hope clubs
choose to protect their courses from vandalism by
first doing research, and understand they possess
something rare and important. From this point,
they can decide to lovingly and cost effectively
restore their courses, or not. If some additions are
decided necessary, these usually are minimal and
can be accomplished in harmony with his classic
and minimalistic design principles.

Click the button below to download
Reviving Dr. Limburger, an article published
in Golf Architecture Magazine dispelling the
destructive myths harming his architecture.
Hand signed routing and Strategy Plan without green details.
Download: Reviving Dr. Limburger, Golf Course  Architecture Magazine
One of Dr. von Limburger's smaller greens.
Note how the front bunker eats into the green
Part routing and part strategy plan.
Note the multiple routes drawn for each hole.
Download: Reviving Dr. Limburger, Golf Course  Architecture Magazine