On-site all-day, every day. 100% focus & commitment during your most costly & permanent design phase... Construction.
If there were a better way to protect the client... I would use it!!!

Time is the most valuable asset a golf architect can provide his client. It is a quality and efficiency multiplier.

The greatest architects 100-years ago preached "excellence & economy"... exploiting the natural gifts the property provided... and the tremendous importance of "mental labour" reducing "physical labour".

When the Master Architects of old practiced what they preached, the masterworks we celebrate today resulted. It is no coincidence the finest courses were those the architect spent the most time with. In today's highy competitive market, such an investment of time and energy is more important than ever before.

I am one of only five golf architects in the world building the courses he designs. 100% focus & commitment, all-day, every day, morning to evening leading construction. Just ask the men I've worked alongside, or my clients... who will tell you I exceeded their expectations.

Built with a team of Polish locals. Most had never seen a golf course before.
Designed, shaped, finished and detailed by this architect in the field all-day, every day.